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The Top 5 Reasons An SI Joint Belt Really Works

The Top 5 Reasons An SI Joint Belt Really Works

Authored By EMS Customer Service

Are you tired of suffering from back pain? Dysfunctional sacroiliac joints are one of the most common sources of back pain, and about 80% people face such pain as they start getting older.

Whenever you stand up from a chair after sitting for a while and feel painful triggers going down your lower back - then this can be your sacroiliac joint giving you trouble. It mainly occurs when the muscles, ligaments, and arthritis are not aligned with each other. Bad posture, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, not getting enough Vitamin D, and smoking - all can cause SI Joint problems.

If you suffer from backache or have any spine problems, then your sacroiliac joint can also begin acting up. About 30% of people who experience pain like this have a problem with their SI joint - so yes it's more common than you've imagined. There’s no need for you to suffer in silence - instead you can take action by using an SI Joint Belt. Trust me they really work!

The Top 5 Reasons Why A SI Joint Belt Really Works

#1. Improves your posture

 Top 5 Reasons An SI Joint Belt Really Works

Posture matters, a lot. Not following correct posture can cause you much trouble in your back. Many times, people have problems with their back, particularly their lower back by sitting too long in one position and not working out. If you’re not able to get some exercise during the day, then SI Belts can come in really handy! SI Belts can help correct your posture and prevent involuntary movements. Once your posture improves, then it will surely reduce your back pain.

#2. Reduces Inflammation & Pain

 Top 5 Reasons An SI Joint Belt Really Works

SI Belt helps in reducing joint pain and prevents any further damage to your back. Joint pain can happen if there is an injury in any of the ligaments, bursae, or tendons surrounding the joint. SI Belts help in the activation of joint healing, reduce inflammation and restore function.

#3. Relaxes Muscle

 Top 5 Reasons An SI Joint Belt Really Works

Relaxation of muscles occurs through SI joint belts. As the SI belts work by applying pressure and massaging the area near the kidneys. It heats up your body which helps you in the relaxation of the muscles.

#4. Joint Stabilization

 Top 5 Reasons An SI Joint Belt Really Works

Joint stiffness can happen because of long periods spent sitting. But sometimes pain and inflammation can also cause joint stiffness. Not all joint stiffness is age-related, but the worry increases when one has sacroiliac joint pain. SI joint belt improves joint stabilization and reduces joint stiffness. Joint instability is usually caused by a sprain or rupture of one of the joint ligaments.

SI belts tend to rotate around the torn ligament, which helps in reducing the movement of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and other soft tissues. This helps in both prevention of joint destabilization and in helping your joint to heal - as they all have to work together.

#5. Limits Movement

 Top 5 Reasons An SI Joint Belt Really Works

Limiting your movement might sound troublesome and uncomfortable, but it's worth the discomfort in the long run. When your joints are not stable, limiting the movement will help in healing. SI Belts prevent any unnatural movements which can further harm your joints. This is especially helpful when you're working long hours doing desk jobs, with the same bad posture. Even athletes, who overextend themselves without realizing, find that SI joint belt helps to prevent more injuries.

Studies have confirmed the ability of SI belts to reduce the load on sacroiliac joint tendons and ligaments. It increases hip strength and is a very effective training tool too.


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